The 2007 DMIP Retreat

Date: April 27th 2007, Friday.
Time: 9 a.m. - approx. 6 p.m.
Location: Oregon Ridge Park

Abstracts (PDF)


8:00-8:30     Breakfast

8:30-8:35     Opening remarks - Katsuyuki Taguchi

8:35-9:55     Session 1 (80 min) - Yong Du

            Overview of Rotating slant-hole SPECT project - Benjamin M. W. Tsui

                 • Completeness conditions in rotating multi-segment variable slant angle SPECT technique - Jingyan Xu

            Overview of Dosimetry project - Eric C.Frey

                • The impact of VOI definition on activity estimation accuracy in quantitative SPECT and planar imaging methods - Bin He

            "Overview of ultrasound research in DMIP" and "Ultrasound Elasticity Image Guidance for External Beam Partial Breast Irradiation" - Emad M. Boctor and Hassan Rivaz

9:55-10:10    Break

10:10-11:45      Session 2 (90 min) - Martin J. Stumpf

            Overview of Gated cardiac SPECT project - Benjamin M. W. Tsui

                  • The Development and Application of Simultaneous Cardiac and Respiratory Gated ECT/CT Dataset from the 4D NCAT Phantom - Taek-Soo Lee

                  • Three-D cardiac motion estimation: study on cost function and initial estimates - Jing Tang

            Overview of x-ray CT project - Katsuyuki Taguchi

                  • Image-Based "Reconstruction" for Motion Compensated Cardiac CT - Zhihui Sun

            Patient dose measurements during cardiac CT Angiography procedures - Mahesh Mahadevappa

11:45-13:15 Lunch

13:15-14:30      Session 3 (75 min) - Jingyan Xu

           Overview of Dual isotope SPECT project - Eric C. Frey

                  • Optimization of Tc injected activity in simultaneous dual-isotope myocardial perfusion SPECT imaging using a three-class channelized Hotelling observer study - Xiaolan Wang

                 • Efficient Monte Carlo based scatter estimation for SPECT imaging with photon track reuse - Yong Du

            Overview of SPECT/MRI and Prostate cancer projects - Benjamin M. W. Tsui

                  • Performance Evaluation of Block-Iterative Algorithms for SPECT Reconstruction - Chi Liu

14:30-15:40       Guided poster sessions (70 min) - Yuchuan Wang, Jing Tang, and Katsuyuki Taguchi

                  • Measurement of Glucose Uptake in the Contused Spinal Cord of Adult Rats Using small animal PET imaging - Jianhua Yu

                  • A simulation platform for SPECT-MRI system - Si Chen

                  • Prostate Cancer and Prostate Monoclonal Antibody Imaging (ProstascintTM) - Susanne Hemker

                  • Mutual Information Based Multimodality registration for Cumulated Activity Distribution Estimation - Na Song

                  • Development of "SmileyZ" Phantom for Evaluating the Accuracy of Material Decomposition - Mengxi Zhang

                  • A Robust Meshing and Calibration Approach for Sensorless Freehand 3D Ultrasound - Hassan Rivaz

15:40-15:50 Break

15:50-16:55      Session 4 (65 min) - Bin He

            Overview of Animal imaging project - Benjamin M. W. Tsui

                  • High-Resolution Small Animal SPECT/CT Imaging of Atherosclerotic Plaques in ApoE-/- Mice Using Tc-99m Annexin-V and Contrast Enhanced CT - Greta S. P. Mok

                  • Physical phantom evaluation of the efficiency of reconstruction and compensation methods on quantitative SPECT prostate imaging - Alex K. F. Kwok

            Progress on 3 dimensional bone geometry assessments in vivo - Thomas J. Beck

16:55-17:10 Award selection

17:10-17:20 Award presentation

17:20-17:25 Closing remarks - Benjamin M. W. Tsui

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