The 2006 DMIP Retreat Schedule

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April 21 (Friday), 2006 at the Patz Lecture Hall (W107), Wilmer Eye Institute

I.            [9:00 ~ 9:10] Introduction (Eric C. Frey)

II.         Session 1: Small Animal (Martin Stumpf and Mikhail Shilov)

[9:10 ~ 9:25] "Alex" Kg Fai Kwok              Quantitation Experiment for SPECT system of the XSPECT Machine

[9:25 ~ 9:40] Alisa I. Walz~Flannigan         In Vivo Imaging of Atherosclerotic Plaque Growth in ApoE-/- Mice using Tc99m-HYNIC-Annexin-V SPECT

[9:40 ~ 9:55] "Greta" Seng Peng Mok        Investigation of Multi-Pinhole Collimator Designs and Imaging Reconstruction Methods for Imaging Small Animals with Different Sizes using a SPECT/CT Imaging System

[9:55 ~ 10:10] David Graff                        Analytic Estimates of Precision with Multi-Pinhole Cameras

[10:10 ~ 10:25] Benjamin M. W. Tsui         Design Considerations of a High-Resolution and High-Sensitivity Multi-Pinhole SPECT System for Small Animal Imaging

[10:25 ~ 10:40] Jianhua Yu                        Fusion of Small Animal Imaging on XSPECT and VISTA

[10:40 ~ 10:55] Yuchuan Wang                 Performance Evaluation of the GE eXplore VISTA DR Small Animal PET Scanner

III.       [10:55 ~ 11:10] Break

IV.       Session 2: X~ray (Yong Du and Alisa I. Walz~Flannigan)

[11:10 ~ 11:25] Stacia Sawyer                   Practical Improvement of Geometric Parameter Estimation for Cone Beam MicroCT Imaging

[11:25 ~ 11:40] Eric C. Frey                      Design of a Fast, High~Resolution System for Small Animal Volume MicroCT

[11:40 ~ 12:05] Thomas J. Beck                Measuring Bone Dynamics

[12:05 ~ 12:20] W. Paul Segars                 Effect of Heart Rate on CT Angiography Using the Enhanced Cardiac Model of the 4D NCAT

[12:20 ~ 12:35] "Ken" Katsuyuki Taguchi   Three-Dimensional Rotational Angiography: Usefulness in Transcatheter Arterial Chemoembolization of Hepatic Tumors

[12:35 ~ 12:50] Mahadevappa Mahesh        Radiation Dose Measurements in MDCT Protocols

V.          [12:50 ~ 14:20] Lunch

VI.       Session 3: Cardiac (Jingyan Xu and David Graff)

[14:20 ~ 14:35] Chi Liu                             Evaluation of Rotating Multi-segment Slant-hole as Compared to Parallel-hole Collimation for Myocardial Perfusion SPECT

[14:35 ~ 14:50] Xin He                             Channelized Hotelling Observer Study of Myocardial Perfusion SPECT: Effects of Quantum Noise and Patient Variation when Using OSEM Algorithm

[14:50 ~ 15:05] Taek~Soo Lee                   A Study for Developing, Optimizing, and Evaluating a 4D Maximum a Posteriori Rescaled~Block Iterative (MAP-RBI) EM Image Reconstruction Method for Gated Myocardial Perfusion SPECT

[15:05 ~ 15:20] Jing Tang                         Cardiac Motion Estimation in Gated Emission Computer Tomography Imagery

[15:20 ~ 15:35] Xiaolan Wang                   Development of Software Tools for Evaluation of Crosstalk Compensation Method for Simultaneous Dual Isotope Myocardial SPECT Imaging

[15:35 ~ 15:50] Yong Du                          Model~based downscatter estimation in simultaneous I-131/In-111 dual-isotope SPECT imaging

VII.     [15:50 ~ 16:05] Break

VIII.  Session 4: Cancer (Yuchuan Wang and Jing Tang)

[16:05 ~ 16:20] Mikhail Shilov                   Imaging and Localizing Device Using the Barkhausen Effect

[16:20 ~ 16:35] Bin He                              Evaluation of Quantitative Imaging Methods for Ibritumomab Tiuxetan Dosimetry using a Population of Phantoms having Realistic Variations in Anatomy and Uptake

[16:35 ~ 16:50] Na Song                           Estimation of Cumulated Activity Images by Simultaneous Reconstruction of SPECT Projection Data from Multiple Time Points

[16:50 ~ 17:05]Jingyan Xu                        Quantitative Rotating Multi-Segment Slant-Hole SPECT Mammography with Attenuation and Collimator-Detector Response Compensation

[17:05 ~ 17:20] Si Chen                            Evaluation of Quantitative Image Reconstruction Methods for Maximum Lesion Detection in In-111 ProstaScint® Prostate SPECT

IX.       [17:35 ~ 17:45] Break, Tally awards

X.         [17:45 ~ 17:55] Closing remarks/Awards (Benjamin M. W. Tsui)