The 2006 DMIP Retreat Abstracts


·                    "Measuring Bone Dynamics", Tom Beck

·                    "Cardiac Motion Estimation in Gated Emission Computer Tomography Imagery", Jing Tang, W. Paul Segars, Benjamin M. W. Tsui

·                    "Quantitation Experiment for SPECT system of the XSPECT machine", Alex Kwok

·                    "In vivo imaging of atherosclerotic plaque growth in ApoE-/- Mice using Tc99m-HYNIC-Annexin-V SPECT", A. Walz-Flannigan, S.P. Mok, Y. Wang, K. L. Gabrielson, J. Fox , C. Foss, S. Nimmagadda, M. Seshadri, M. G. Pomper, and B.M.W. Tsui

·                    "Evaluation of Quantitative Imaging Methods for Ibritumomab Tiuxetan Dosimetry Using a Population of Phantoms Having Realistic Variations in Anatomy and Uptake", Bin He and Eric C. Frey

·                    "Three-dimensional rotational angiography: Usefulness in transcatheter arterial chemoembolization of hepatic tumors", Katsuyuki Taguchi and Jean-Francois H. Geschwind

·                    "Toward time resolved 4D cardiac CT imaging with patient dose reduction: Estimating the global heart motion", Katsuyuki Taguchi, W. Paul Segars, George S. K. Fung, and Benjamin W. M. Tsui

·                    "Evaluation of Rotating Multi-Segment Slant-Hole as Compared to Parallel-Hole Collimation for Myocardial Perfusion SPECT", Liu, Chi; Xu, Jingyan; Tsui, Benjamin M.W.

·                    "Analytic Estimates of Precision with Multi-pinhole cameras", David Graff

·                    "Investigation of Multi-Pinhole Collimator Designs and Imaging Reconstruction Methods for Imaging Small Animals with Different Sizes using a SPECT/CT Imaging System", G.S.P. Mok, Y. Wang, J. Li, D. J. Wagenaar and B.M.W. Tsui

·                    "Fusion of Small Animal Imaging on XSPECT and VISTA", Jianhua Yu, Susanne Hemker, Yuchuan Wang, Jurgen Seidel, Benjamin M.W. Tsui


·                    "Radiation dose measurements in MDCT protocols", Mahadevappa Mahesh, MS, PhD

·                    "A study for developing, optimizing, and evaluating a 4D maximum a posteriori rescaled-block iterative (MAP-RBI) EM image reconstruction method for gated myocardial perfusion SPECT", Taek-Soo Lee, W. Paul Segars, and Benjamin M. W. Tsui

·                    "Design of a Fast, High-Resolution System for Small Animal Volume MicroCT", Eric C. Frey, Yong Du, and Martin Stumpf

·                    "Estimation of Cumulated Activity Images by Simultaneous Reconstruction of SPECT Projection Data from Multiple Time Points", Na Song and Eric C. Frey

·                    "Practical Improvement of Geometric Parameter Estimation for Cone Beam MicroCT Imaging",  Stacia A. Sawyer and Eric C. Frey

·                    "Effect of Respiratory Motion in CT-based Attenuation Correction in SPECT using Different CT Scanners and Protocols", W. Paul Segars and B.M.W. Tsui

·                    "Normal and Pathological Cardiac Simulations Based on Realistic FE Models", W. Paul Segars, Alexander I. Veress, Jeffrey A. Weiss, Raimond Winslow, Michael Miller, Benjamin M. W. Tsui, and Grant T. Gullberg

·                    "Development of a 4D Digital Mouse Phantom for Molecular Imaging Research", W. Paul Segars, B.M.W. Tsui, E.C. Frey, G.A. Johnson, and S.S. Berr

·                    "Effect of respiratory motion on plaque imaging in the mouse using Tc-99m labeled Annexin-V", W. Paul Segars, Y. Wang, and B.M.W. Tsui

·                    "Extension of the 4D NURBS-based Cardiac-Torso (NCAT) Phantom to X-ray CT", W. Paul Segars, and Benjamin M. W. Tsui

·                    "Effect of Heart Rate on CT Angiography Using the Enhanced Cardiac Model of the 4D NCAT", W. Paul Segars, K. Taguchi, G.S.K. Fung, E.K. Fishman, and B.M.W. Tsui

·                    "Computer-based simulation tools for high-resolution x-ray CT research", W. Paul Segars, M. Mahesh, T.J. Beck, E.C. Frey, and Benjamin M. W. Tsui

·                    "Development and application of the new dynamic NURBS-based cardiac-torso (NCAT) phantom", W. Paul Segars, B.M.W. Tsui, D.S. Lalush, E.C. Frey, D. Manocha, and M.A. King

·                    "Effect of respiratory motion on plaque imaging in the mouse using Tc-99m labeled Annexin-V", W. Paul Segars, B.M.W. Tsui, A.J. DaSilva, and L. Shao

·                    "Investigation of Respiratory Motion Compensation Techniques in Myocardial SPECT", W. Paul Segars, T.S. Lee, and B.M.W. Tsui

·                    "Improved Monte-Carlo Simulations for Dynamic PET",  M. A. Shilov, Eric C. Frey, W. Paul Segars, Jingyan Xu and Benjamin M. W.Tsui

·                    "Imaging and Localizing Device Using the Barkhausen Effect ", M. A. Shilov, Eric C. Frey, W. Paul Segars, Jingyan Xu and Benjamin M. W.Tsui

·                    "Evaluation of Quantitative Image Reconstruction Methods for Maximum Lesion Detection in In-111 ProstaScint® Prostate SPECT",  Tsui, Benjamin M.W.; Chen, Si; Liu, Chi; Volokh, Lana

·                    "Development of Software Tools for Evaluation of Crosstalk Compensation Method for Simultaneous Dual Isotope Myocardial SPECT Imaging", Xiaolan Wang, Martin Stumpf, and Eric C. Frey

·                    "Describing Three-class Task Performance: Three-class Volume under ROC Surface (VUS) and Three-class Hotelling Trace (3-HT) as Figures-of-Merit", X. He and E.C. Frey

·                    "Channelized Hotelling Observer Study of Myocardial Perfusion SPECT: Effects of Quantum Noise and Patient Variation when Using OSEM Algorithm", X. He, J. M. Links, B. M. W. Tsui and E.C. Frey

·                    "Partial volume compensation for spill-in and spill-out in cardiac PET imaging", Yong Du, Igal Madar, Martin J. Stumpf, and Eric C. Frey

·                    "Model-based downscatter estimation in simultaneous I-131/In-111 dual-isotope SPECT imaging", Yong Du, Bin He, Richard L. Wahl, and Eric C. Frey

·                    "Theoretical Implications and Design Principles of Focused Multi-Pinhole SPECT", Yuchuan Wang, David Graff, Greta Mok, Benjamin Tsui

·                    "Pinhole SPECT with Different Data Acquisition Geometries: Usefulness of Unified Projection Operators in Homogeneous Coordinates", Yuchuan Wang, Benjamin Tsui

·                    "Performance Evaluation of the GE eXplore VISTA DR Small Animal PET Scanner", Yuchuan Wang, Jurgen Seidel, Benjamin M.W. Tsui, Juan J. Vaquero, and Martin G. Pomper